Volcanic Sales Resources

Below you can download marketing and promoting tools to help you successfully resell BoomCloud.

Demo Video

Watch this video to learn how an general manager thinks about Volcanic. You will also see a basic overview of Volcanic. from a perspective of a general shop manager.

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Sales Dashboard|Tracker

This is a demo of how to use the sales dashboard to track commissions, add new customers/merchants and how to help them onboard to Volcanic.

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Use these flyers to show practices the value of Volcanic. You can print them at a local printer and leave with your clients.

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Example Plans

Use this template to help your office communicate to your patients about your dental membership program.

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Case Studies

This success plan shows practices how to grow with existing patients. Use this strategy to grow your membership.

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Sales PlayBook

Use this playbook to get access to our sales team’s experience and success from signing up practices across the U.S.A.

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How to Add Plans & Members

Watch this video of the features and benefits of Volcanic. We go through adding a plan and adding members to the plan. A shop can create an account, add a plan & Members in 15 min.

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Sales Slide Deck

Use these slides to help you present Volcanic to your clients. This will help you educate and provide value to them before you close the deal. You can print out the slides as well.

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Sales Partner Agreement

Before you begin selling Volcanic, sign our sales agreement and NDA to protect both Volcanic and you/your Entity.

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W9 Form

Use this template to help you set up your 1099 status. This will help us and your entity stay organized. (This is not legal advice)

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Learn about the most frequently asked questions and objections that general managers and shop owners have about memberships and Volcanic.

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Use this resource to help you understand why shops love Volcanic. You can also show these testimonials to clients you are working with.

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Customer Resources

Starter Guide

Share the Volcanic Starter Guide with your clients! This will give them more resources and education to help them grow their automotive membership program.

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Volcanic University

Share the Volcanic University with your practices. This will help educate their team on the concept of an auto membership plan and how their shop can grow a membership base

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