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“Volcanic has been great! customers love our membership plan! Same for our management team. We have over 1500 members in 6 months. It has improved our loyalty with our customers. Extra revenue isn’t bad either!” I highly recommend using Volcanic in your shop!

Barbara Sharp

Manager, Frank's Auto

How did they grow the program?

  • Volcanic is listed on our website
  • We tell customers about it when they come in
  • Spoken about when we make phone calls
  • Brochures in every room 
  • team shares with every customer 
  • We have a team meeting every morning about our membership plan

How Volcanic can help your shop.

Volcanic is a software tool that helps shops create, organize, track and automate an auto membership program. In addition to software, we provide you with a success team to help you achieve more revenue, more loyal customers and a way to attract more new customers. Schedule a demo to see if Volcanic is a fit for your business!

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