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What is Volcanic?

Volcanic is a software tool that helps automotive shops create, organize and automate an auto membership plan that helps create loyal customers and recurring revenue for your shop. Our technology enables you to offer membership plans to your customers and allows you to benefit by the following:

Increase Revenue & Valuation

Keep Clients Coming Back

Create Recurring Revenue

Track Revenue Metrics

Volcanic Dashboard

When you create an account on Volcanic, you will be able to login and see your membership revenue dashboard. The dashboard below is an example of the metrics you will see for your own auto shop.

New Members:

Know how many members your team signs up in 90 days.

Upcoming Renewals:

Know how many members will be automatically renewing in the next 90 days.

Upcoming Renewals:

Know how many members will be automatically renewing in the next 90 days.

Updated Declined Cards:

This metric will show you how much revenue was saved by our credit decline minimizer.

New Member Health

This metric will show you how many members are signing up online/in-store or cancelling in the past 30 days.

Case Studies

We love Volcanic because of how easy it is to sign people up! Very quick and easy to sign up members, track & automate payments and track benefits.

Starting a membership program with Volcanic has been great!  Our shop loves the Volcanic team and nice they have made using the software and managing an auto membership program. We have signed up over 300 customers in 5 months. It has improved our loyalty with our customers. The extra recurring revenue isn’t bad either!

Instant Results

We launched our program and within a few days we started to sign up customers! Volcanic helped us set up the plan, it required very little work to get things off the ground as the Volcanic team has thought through everything for us in the software!

Active Members

Monthly Recurring Revenue

Yearly Recurring Revenue

Shop Locations

Average App Rating


Volcanic helps us stay competitive!


We’ve used Volcanic for a 6 months. During that time, our membership plan has grown to include nearly 200 active members without any external marketing at all. My team presents it as an option to all new customers and to existing customers. 

John Hill

Volcanic has been the answer for our shop!


Being a business owner, time is a precious commodity. The more you grow your plan, the more labor-intensive it will become to track and manage your membership plan. I’m not sure why a shop owner would want to incur the expense of paying an employee or add another job to their already busy life and career. I’ve made some bad decisions in my career, but the decision to use Volcanic to manage my membership plan is not one of them. Great dashboard for tracking plan benefits and KPI’s, manages and tracks all ACH and credit card payments.

Donna Meyer

Volcanic helps us create recurring revenue! This is the best membership plan software for auto shops!


“Within minutes of signing up for Volcanic we signed up a bunch of customers for our membership program”

Volcanic has allowed us to generate recurring revenue for our shop”

Dave Smithson

How to structure a plan

Create Recurring Revenue and increase Reveneu per customer


Starting an auto membership pans and offering it to your customers will allow your shop to build predictable recurring revenue, increase customer lotalty and give your team a way to expand upsells by 2X.

Members buy more.


Imagine if you sign up:

  • 100 customers @ $35/mo = $3,500/mo
  • 350 customers @ $35/mo = $12,250/mo
  • 1,000 customers @ $35/mo = $35,000/mo
  • 5,000 customers @ $35/mo = $175,000/mo

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